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Priest John (Vasilevski): Three reasons why with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy is impossible to cure cancer, even theoretically
- WHY the Methodology of Shevchenko WINS

Here logically a BIG question comes up:
Why wait for the disease to attack us and causes damage, and only then in a panic wondering how to cure? - Prevention is much easier than cure - and always improves the quality of life!

How to prevent cancer and so many other diseases characterized as incurable?
- WHY do I continue to use the Therapy of Shevchenko as neither I nor my relatives have cancer?
- WHY do I constantly apply Tea Therapy Veloci Tea - for regular detoxification of the organism?

- WHY do I also advise any relative and close of mine to apply Wellness Strategy into practice in their lives?

To this BIG question I answer:
- FACT: we live in a world loaded with toxins. Each food today is loaded with toxins! In supermarkets it is not possible to find a product that is completely free of toxins of all kinds.
It is virtually impossible to avoid toxins - no diets can help, because fruits and vegetables are loaded with toxins no less than meat (preparations for growth, etc.).

The only way out is DETOXIFICATION of the organism! This detoxification should be regularly done (!) - because it, in our lives today, in this toxic world we live in, has become already a necessary as the oxygen for breathing.

The bitter truth is this - official statistics of the USA:
- In 1970 - every 10th inhabitant of the planet had cancer
- In 2008 - every 3rd
- 2020 - prognosis:
every second inhabitant of the planet will have cancer!

Here, however, everyone should note the following thing: Those 50% who will not have cancer does not mean that they will be healthy! Not at all! They will be harmed by many various diseases coming from toxins that are scattered throughout the poisoned world we live in - in the foods, in the soil, in the waters, generally in the surrounding area.

Why? What is the reason for this insane increase of cancer patients?
It should be known:
1) Very few cases of cancers are inherited.
2) The vast majority of cases come from the accumulation of toxins in the organism.
If we examine the statistics above, then - even if we assume that in 1970 all cases were only inherited and not one was caused by toxins (purely theoretical assumption) - even then it will prove that only 20% of cases are inherited and the other 80% are from toxins
. But this purely theoretical assumption is virtually impossible. Therefore - the cases of cancer as a result of accumulation of toxins are even a higher percentage than 80%!
Statistics about genetically inherited cancer
Widely cited are these figures -
5% to 10% only - everything else is from toxins.

The main reason for this insane increase of cancer patients is that already for decades globally is put into operation the Program for destruction of 90% of humanity! And this program is not some phantom or nightmare - but it is a reality of which conscientious Medics are long raising the "Alarm!" signal in the world - publishing reports, studies, statistics:
And what is particularly shocking, monstrous, is that - this program operates primarily through the Healthcare System!!! To wit - just where one goes with trust and hope to cure the disease that has afflicted him - exactly there he is confronted with the deadly action of this misanthropic program.

In the Holy Scripture this pre-apocalyptic period in which we now live is characterized by the Lord as the beginning of a period of illnesses (Mat.24:8, Mark.13:8)

That is why
– to implement in practice protective measures regularly in one’s life – this in the modern poisoned world is a matter of survival!
That is why, I myself apply regularly in my life - and all my relatives and close ones I advise to apply my Wellness Strategy in practice in their life regularly - and that means in a few words:
1) Therapy of Shevchenko (prophylactic option) - for overall strengthening of the organism.
2) Tea Therapy Veloci Tea - for detoxification of the organism - implemented regularly.

The sad thing is that people read these data, read information, statistics, but take no protective measures!
People wait to get sick with cancer (and many other diseases) - and only then begin in a panic to wonder how to cure themselves.
They act so unreasonably because everyone thinks
: "This happens to others – not to me!" This is very naive hope - all who have died from cancer have relied exactly on that! - and how much easier it was to take preventive measures - and be alive!!!

Why should you wait for disease to attack and harm you - and only then in panic wonder how to heal yourself? - Prevention is much easier than treatment!

Furthermore - it is very important to emphasize the following:
- Tea Therapy Veloci Tea - for detoxification of the organism - implemented regularly, acts not only as a preventive! It is the most powerful booster (enhancer) of the therapy of Shevchenko in the treatment of cancer (of any type)!
The Tea of Dr Miller (Veloici Tea) has shown in the practice that it works in powerful synergy with the Therapy of Shevchenko and increases its effectiveness by times. In particularly difficult cases of cancer the two Therapies together work perfectly!

WHY is this the most powerful booster and HOW does this booster work?

Answer: the Tea therapy, as a booster, does not interfere with the very treatment by the Therapy of Shevchenko - it just does what it is intended!

Here is a more detailed explanation by Father John of how this happens:
Most often the reason for cancer is because the organism is toxic. Even with good food choices – but all the more so with bad – with the years inside the gut there accumulates toxic waste material – the toxins then get reabsorbed in the bloodstream and poison the whole organism.

These accumulated toxins provoke the organism to generate cancer cells. The Therapy of Shevchenko does its job - heals the body from cancer - however the organism is the same, the provocation is the same - then also the result is the same = the organism continues to generate cancer cells. In this fight, eliminating the constant provocation coming from the toxins, accelerates, enhances, increases the effect of the treatment. So besides implementing the anticancer therapy - which eliminates the cancer, what also needs to be done is to eliminate the provocation - the toxic load. This is what supports the action of the therapy and increases the therapeutic effect. And here the tea of Dr Miller (Veloci Tea) comes with its powerful detox effect.

This is the main reason that I strongly advise you
1) To apply the Tea Therapy alongside the Therapy of Shevchenko - to successfully cure your dog from cancer.
2) To apply regularly for yourself, in your life, my Wellness Strategy - and especially
1) Therapy of Shevchenko (prophylactic option) - for overall strengthening of the organism.
2) Tea Therapy Veloci Tea - for detoxification of the organism - implemented regularly.

This is what I do for myself and for my Mother (whose genetic heir I am) – the same I recommended also to you.


On this website
Cancer Cure Clinic Online click on „Order Tea” – the link will take you to the site of the Company Whole Wellness Club – where you can order the therapeutic Tea.

For convenience – HOW to order tea – use the following video:
Natural Health-Care School – HOW TO Order Tea?


The following sections and documents of the "Wellness Strategy" are of interest mainly to specialists in the field of
- Oncology
- Genetics,
- Microbiology
- Holistic Medicine
- Therapeutic and Preventive Medicine,
- Researchers in these 

1. For more details - to 
find out:
- WHY 
is the existence of a Universal Cure possible?
ND WHY such Universal Cures are:
The Tea Remedial Prophylaxis of Dr. Miller - and
The Therapy of Shevchenko - in its therapeutic and prophylactic versions
Read the following section of Wellness Strategy:
"The Universality", Priest John (Vasilevski)

2. For more details - to learn:
- WHY 
the methods, or more correctly – THE ATTEMPTS – of the dominant medicine of the treatment of cancer fail completely? WHY it is not possible to achieve the cure of cancer by the ways the dominant medicine is trying to cure it - even theoretically!
- W
HICH is the unfailing KEY with which you can check if one or another method (advertised on the internet or elsewhere) works or not?
WHAT is the first condition that must be met if we want to find a cure for cancer that really cures cancer - DEFINITELY?
Read the following section of Wellness Strategy:
"The Genetical Biomechanism Of Suicide", Priest John (Vasilevski)


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Dr Miller – That has a powerful
weight loss effect

2. The prophylaxis based on the Methodology of
N. Shevchenko

et information - in detail and
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