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Examples of application of the Therapeutic Methodology of Shevchenko
and cure of cancer and of diseases recognized as incurable

NOTE: For all of these examples - in each case separately –
you can get details, if you want. But it is not possible for them all to be brought together here in this text because of their huge volume. Even more impossible to implement is the work to translate them into any language. That is why:
a) Here I cite only the first case General reference number 216. I cite it - simply because it is the first case of a row from this section of the archive
b) For all the other cases, click HERE

a) First case
. General reference number 216.

7 Examples of treatment: of laryngeal cancer, enlarged prostate, asthma, intervertebral hernia, diabetes, gastritis, enterocolitis, arthritis, diseased liver. Comparison between the "method of Shevchenko", fasting treatment and the methods of the doctors

My name is Lyudmila, I'm 57-years-old. I have not been given the diagnosis of "cancer", but for many years, I got food stick in the area of the larynx. Neither there nor here – I saved myself through vomiting. I soon noticed that even a quarter pill of dipyrone was impossible to swallow. Last spring, on the neck under the chin appeared a large "bump", at about the same time your books fell into my hands.
Living example for me was and is a 73-years-old man who cured his prostate adenoma with your mixture, having given up the operation. Now this brave old man can easily run with a walk-behind tractor in the vegetable garden and do his favorite work (he is a parquet floor layer). Following his example, for the second year are successfully treating themselves by your method his wife (she is a doctor) and 36-year-old son.

Why I do not go to the doctors? I have a special relationship with them.
From age 20 to 40 years I suffered from chronic bronchitis with asthmatic component. I was constantly monitored by the district doctor or under hospital treatment. My district doctor "comforted" me with the fact that in a few years, I was ensured invalid group for asthma. Alas, this was not fulfilled. But at that time I was taking a lot of pills and intravenous injections. I did not part with asthmopent and with some other inhalers for stopping attacks.
I do not know what would all have ended with, if my eldest son had not brought home a book of Paul Bragg's "The Miracle of Fasting". I studied the book and believed that my asthma can be cured. Now I know it's true. At first I carried out short water only fastings of 3-4 days. Then, of 7 days, and later of 12 and 15 days, passing through the first acidotic crisis, which usually occurs on the 7-10th day of fasting. I learned the correct way out of fasting, soft-starting the digestive process.
I could
not stop wondering why none of the doctors, seeing my long suffering, had told me of such an effective method.
So, I do not want to now turn to the doctors in the hospital, though, I may have to - for the diagnosis of the throat. So, for 15 years my organism has prompted me itself - when and how long to fast to avoid asthma. But on the esophagus and spine (intervertebral hernia) fasting had no effect.
In the spring of 2011, I had to go into another long fast. I had to choose what to apply first - fasting, or the mixture of N. Shevchenko. In your book, I read: "Fasting is not desirable", and decided to hold off fasting. And without hesitation, from April 12 started to drink the mixture of 30+30 ml three times a day, strictly according to the method. After the third cycle, and up to now I take a dose of 35+35, also three times a day, but with a slightly weakened diet. I have a very sweet tooth, even though deep down I reproach myself for it.
Improvement in swallowing food I noticed immediately. Besides, I had a hernia of 4-5th cervical vertebra. Treatment by a neurologist and vertebrologist did not give me relief. And then, in the second cycle of treatment, I found that I could lift my left arm without pain high up, which had previously been impossible.
At the same time my 25 year old daughter-in-law Irinka was much suffering from vertebral pain. She underwent an MRI, the result: a hernia in the lumbar spine.
The pain was VERY strong, she could not stand up. She was treated with manual therapy, nothing worked. In your books we did not find examples of treatment of intervertebral hernia, but still Irinka decided to drink the mixture. (Shevchenko NV: on this site is another example of the treatment of a herniated disc, here in this letter.)
In June, it will be a year of this treatment. It helped! The pain passed. She adhered strictly to the diet for 8 months. Now she allows herself little quantities of all.
We will c
ontinue the treatment up to 3 years. We are very grateful to God and to you, and to the people who told us about this treatment.
And we have a trouble. Irinka's mother fell ill, she is 48. In the Khmelnytsky Regional Oncology Center they gave her a Cancer diagnosis. She trusted the doctors very much. She was prescribed and made chemotherapy, then radiation. After the radiation therapy, she got burns of the bladder, and the radiation was discontinued. Now, she has agreed to an operation. But in the mixture she does not believe. We left your books with her in the hospital, but she does not quite want to read them. We can not convince her, very sad. After all, her daughter was treating herself by your method before her eyes, and successfully!
Now, about the course of my treatment. At the end of the first cycle I had a strong cough with phlegm discharge, with nose mucus flowing like a stream. It lasted 3 days. And that's it. I did not have any need for fasting or inhalers. Asthma (asthma attacks) was no more.
With the ingestion of food there are no problems now. The lump on my neck has diminished a bit, but is still visible to the eye. I did not go to the doctors, did not pass ultrasound. However I have to examine my neck. I'll be sure to do it.
Nikolai Victorovich, your methodology is 100 times more effective, easier and safer than that which I was doing before (fasting). (Shevchenko NV: On this site there is another similar letter (read it here) from a very sick person, who was treating themselves first by the famous system of healing of the Japanese engineer Katsudzo Nishi, and after thatby my method. I advise you to read what this person says about the method of K. Nishi and "the method of Shevchenko.") Thank our God and you for the fact that it is in the world and helps people.

Now about Uncle Misha - this is that 73 years old man, whom I wrote of above. Before replying to you, I met him and asked questions about what I will write now.
He really had a big BPH, I failed to remember how big. Prior to the treatment with your mixture he went to ultrasound 2 times. He keeps the results.
He was offered an operation in an irreverent way that offended him. He declined from the operation. For some time he took the extract of celandine. He was very sick. Was a bed patient. On top of all, was discovered and obstruction of the urinary ducts, was with a catheter for 4 days.
He t
ook gentos, kardura, and kanefron. Then he remembered about your book that two years before he had given to a neighbor who suffered from diabetes.
By the way
, this neighbor has been taking your mixture for 5 years now. She got rid of many health problems, and does not take any shots from diabetes.
Misha bought your new book. He took the dose of 35+35 for 2 years. From the third year he moved to the two times a day taking, also 35+35 ml. He observed the diet.
WHAT HE ACHIEVED: After the 1st cycle the urinary urgency was 3 times a night, and after the third cycle - already only 1 time. Pain passed. After the treatment he did not pass ultrasound. Now he feels good, lives a full life. Last year, on the Dormition of the Mother of God, walked with the pilgrims on foot procession to the Pochaev Lavra. (Shevchenko NV: from Khmelnitsky to Pochaev – is 100 kilometers in a straight line). Misha sustained the procession well, even he was surprised. (He believes in God, sings in the church choir).
His wife, Nina Kondratyevna also takes the mixture for the third year now, the dose of 35+35 ml three times a day, without breaking the methodology.
SHE IS A MEDIC. She tried on herself all the existing medications. For many years she suffered from chronic gastritis and enterocolitis, could not eat anything. She also had severe pain in the joints (arthritis). She made herself injections into the joints, and yet the pain in her legs severely tortured her.
The i
mprovement of her condition came very soon. Now she can eat everything. Strength came, she can freely work on her farm with her husband. She is 65 years old. Her words: "We have tried this treatment on ourselves, and we can safely offer it to our children and grandchildren". She is clever.
Their son, Alexander, he's 36 years old, has been drinking the mixture of 35+35 ml three times daily for 1 year. Strength came, he began to work, while previously had been also very ill.
was not easy for Uncle Misha to convince his sister Paulina, who was diagnosed with cancer, to take your mixture. She first chose the official medicine, and passed all the hell of the treatment at the Oncology Center. She underwent two operations to remove her right breast and the axillary lymph node. After the chemotherapy and radiation therapy her diabetes worsened, her liver increased greatly and got sick. And she had gone to the doctors for the first time with a small cyst in the right breast.
For treatment in the oncology went all the money she could get. When there remained only to sell the house, she finally listened to her brother. She realized that medicine would only kill her. She confessed her sins to the Lord, and began treatment with the mixture 3 times a day, dose of 40+40 ml, in compliance with all the instructions of the methodology.
After 1 year of treatment by your method her liver came to normal, sugar - almost the norm, her condition improved.
June 4, 2012 Di-enko L.I., Khmelnitsky, Ukraine.

everything I read in this case it comes to my mind to ask:
- Strange, why did this woman not go on to sell her very house as well? What happened, that her mind came to her “thinker”, and she stopped so on time - before that fateful act?
Well, I mean – since you started with such vigor, dear woman, to sell and waste everything on drugs which do not help in any way but even damage your health - okay, then go ahead! - what do you need this house for? Sell it as well - and remain on the street ... Just answer me: WHY? ...

b) For all the other cases, click HERE



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